Power Leveling in Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2 leveling system is pretty cut and dry.  You gain enough experience and you progress on to the next level.  What is different, is the fact that you have to employ more than just monster killing and quest grinding.  The following tips will make leveling fast and efficiently in guild wars 2 much more satisfying.

Where to farm Small Scales and Small Claws


Well I’m to having to use small scales and small claws in 90% of my crafting recipes as a weaponsmith so I went on a search to find somewhere to find them.  This video shows where to farm them pretty successfully

Crafting is Great Experience

Caithe pondering the importance of crafting.

So I’m a weaponsmith, and a chef.  These are the two professions I’ve been working on with my guardian.  Well I spent a few hours farming for mats in the 1-15 areas, just jamming away to my tunes and went to a crafting station.  First up, my cooking stuffs.  Cooking is actually not the most efficient way to get experience but the buffs the food provides is top-notch, I’ve been handing out food to all my guild mates and its made everyone’s day a little easier.  So, I decided to move on to my Weaponsmithing.

Best Guild Wars 2 Class: Guardian


Okay, maybe not the best but definitely the easiest starting out. I tried all classes/professions and I just couldn’t find one that grabbed me.  In fact I played a guardian to level 7 on first try, and it didn’t grab me immediately.  But after playing the other classes and realizing guardian had some awesome things going for it out the gate, I came back and revisited the professions.

How to level quickly in Guild Wars 2


Leveling in Guild Wars 2 is not your ordinary grind.  Yes, you do quests but they are more like area events then quests and you gain experience for everything you do.  I mean EVERYTHING you do.  I’ve personally enjoying leveling completely through gathering and crafting.  I’ve actually ignored a lot of the content to try to get ahead with my crafting professions (I’m a sucker for Massive Riches). But I DID notice I was falling behind my friends.  So I bought a guide.

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